Synology announcement for official Windows Phone 7 DS audio app

Great news, everyone !

Synology is releasing an official app for DS audio  on windows phone 7, pretty much  like Open Syno.

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It is not yet available on the marketplace as I write those lines, but I find it really thrilling that now the Windows Phone 7 platform is becoming attractive enough to get those guys onboard.

Whether the guys over at synology got inspired by Open Syno is unknown, so I have no idea yet how is the app working.

That leads to the one big question : Are you guys still interested on getting updates for Open Syno, or will you just use the official app anyway ?

Yes, those guys can work on it full-time.

Yes, those guys can give you a proper support

But also, I have no Idea what their plans are regarding playlist offlining (I’m working on it at the moment)  or Last.Fm Scrobbling (It was supposed to be the next big thing in the pipe for Open Syno.)

so.. Yeah… I guess the question is : is anyone still interested in Open Syno ?

Go ahead and add comments to speak your mind 🙂


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