Open Syno : It’s finally out !

Tonght’s the night : Open Syno just hit the marketplace !

After a few failed certifications (seriously, the test guys at Microsoft do an amazing job when it comes to testing and writing test reports, with repro steps, expected behavior and actual behavior… That’s awesome because it makes the bug fixing much much simpler !)

Anyway, here we are, still on time to deliver it before the end of June : that was our own personal Milestone; we did it, and we’re pretty excited to hear about your feedback !

… And about the feedback : don’t forget to use our Idea Informer !

Keep in min though, that this first release is still at a  very early beta stage, and that you *will* run into bugs. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to give us a feedback by e-mail when an unknown error occurs, so please, be kind and send us your error reports when the app asks you : those are very valuable information, they’re anonymous, and it won’t cost you a dime Winking smile

So far, in order to keep the app as stable as possible, we focused on getting it to work with Wireless connectivity in mind. You can give it a try with 3G connection, but it is really not recommended… but don’t worry, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves and we’ll try to pull one or two rabbits out of them to be published on the Marketplace !

In the meantime, go grab it, and have fun with your Synology Nas !



Oh ! … and I can never thank her enough : a huge thanks to liliboude for her awesome graphics… (seriously : if you’re a kids-book publisher, you’d better get interested in her works before someone else does !)


Note : link to the marketplace download should become active anytime now … That one is not on me anymore Winking smile

3 Responses to “Open Syno : It’s finally out !”

  • Rainer Says:

    No Connection to my NAS possible.
    Can yoe Help me?

    • fabio Says:

      please, make sure the host name doesn’t start with http:// and that your nas is configured to accept non-ssl connections. let me know if that helped 🙂

  • Rainer Says:


    Ok, my NAS is configured to SSL.
    Thats the Problem.
    Is Planed to Support SSL ( Port 5001 / 7001) ?

    Thanks for Help

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