Open Syno with https : need a little help, please :)

Hi there,

Following a quite a lot of requests from the community, we’ve decided to implement https support for ssl-encrypted connection to the Synology server.

Unfortunately, as it has been pointed out here, self-signed certificates don’t work out of the box on windows phone 7. Furthermore, the trusted certicicate authorities are not the same on windows phone 7 as on windows.

A list of the trusted Certificate Authorities can be found there.

If you happen to have your synology server set-up to use a certificate issued by such Certificate Authority, please let me know so I can test my code against it.

Note : manually installing a certificate authority for startssl doesn’t seem to work for an app, but it does work in a browser. That’s why I need to test https support with a legit Certificate Authority which is supported by default on Windows Phone 7.

Thanks in advance for those of you ho will step up 🙂

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