Open Syno : All apologies

Hi there,

First of all, the first two weeks of Open Syno have been very successful. Far more than expected to say the least. in the first week of its public availability, Open Syno has been installed on more than 300 phones, and that is really awesome. What is even more awesome, is that we also have received an amazing number of feedbacks from the community.

Among those feedbacks, some users had troubles decoding the audio properly, reporting glitches in the playback. We’ve found and fixed the problem : the reason was we didn’t bundle the right version of a third party dll : Managed Media Helpers.

So, now that it’s fixed, we are just waiting for Microsoft to finish the certification for the updated version.

We are deeply sorry for what happened, and we are looking forward to hear from you if the fix worked as expected for you. To make your voice heard, don’t hesitate to comment to this blog post !

The applied fix focuses on Wireless connectivity and 3G connection might not work perfectly yet, but we are working on it Winking smile

As usual, just a reminder : you can find us on github and on idea informer to post your issues and your ideas.


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