Open Syno 0.4 is out

What’s new this time ?

The much awaited SSL support is here, so if your Synology is protected by a valid trusted Certificate Authority, then you’ll be one happy Synologist !

What else ?

After some feedback from the community – thank you, community – I realized that the User Interface maybe was not very intuitive…

Buttons for starting playback have been moved around and renamed so it should be more explicit.

by the way, just a little tip : if you want to invert the selection of your album’s tracks, just tap the album’s cover !

Oh, and one more thing. As the Mango update release date gets closer and closer, I will focus on a Mango version from now on. That means that this update should be the last one that will be supported by NoDo.

but in the meantime… get the app and enjoy your music !

4 Responses to “Open Syno 0.4 is out”

  • pdawg17 Says:

    Is there a specific format needed for 3g setup? I use for my android ds audio setup and it works fine but with your program I cannot connect…thanks…

    • fabio Says:

      Are you using https (default port 5001) ? if so, make sure you are using a certificate issued by Windows Phone 7’s default trusted Certificate Authorities ( )

      You might want to consider trying a non-secured http connection (default port 5000)

      by the way, if there is someone out there that has a valid certificate, issued by WP7’s trusted CA, It would be great if he’d be kind enough to let me onduct some debug tests so I might try to figure out how to make it work with self-signed certificates as well.

      hope it helps.

      • pdawg17 Says:

        Thanks for the reply…I am only trying to use port 5000…

        I put the username and password for my DS211j box and then for host the format is simply:

        Says “network error”…I can connect within my network using

        • fabio Says:

          What about if you paste the URL in Internet Explorer on your phone : can you see the login form ?

          it Could be that you did not forward your NAT router port so that your Disk Station’s port 5000 is accessible from outside your LAN. ( namely from your 3g, i.e. with an ip other than 192.168.x.x ? )

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