moqingbiRT is a mocking Framework for Windows 8 Metro style applications, also known as WinRT applications.

Its goal is to make up for the lack of support of moq on this plateform. Since moq’s internals are not available on WinRT, moqingbiRT works around this limitation by using an other mechanism to implement the behavior of the mocked objects. Its initial integration within a project is slightly different than moq’s, but once integrated in the project to be tested, moqingbiRT’s syntax is next-to-identical to moq’s.

moqingbiRT’s is in very early stages at the moment, and might not keep its promises, so even if the sources are publicly available right now, the Framework cannot be leveraged just yet.

Stay tuned, as things are likely to move pretty fast.

moqingbiRT’s source code is available on GitHub.

moqingbiRT is continuously integrated by jetbrains’ Team City, thanks to Jetbrains and