Sep 4 2011

Open Syno Loves Resharper !

Great news.

Open Syno has been granted an Open Source licence for ReSharper

To the developers out there, just know that this is the best tool money can buy (for commercial projects) and the best is that the guys at jetbrains kindly offer some Open Source licences to support the Open Source community !

Way to go, Jetbrains !

If you’re a dev, download the 30 days trial and don’t forget apply to their Open Source licneces programm if you’re working on an Open Source project 🙂


Sep 3 2011

Open Syno 0.4 is out

What’s new this time ?

The much awaited SSL support is here, so if your Synology is protected by a valid trusted Certificate Authority, then you’ll be one happy Synologist !

What else ?

After some feedback from the community – thank you, community – I realized that the User Interface maybe was not very intuitive…

Buttons for starting playback have been moved around and renamed so it should be more explicit.

by the way, just a little tip : if you want to invert the selection of your album’s tracks, just tap the album’s cover !

Oh, and one more thing. As the Mango update release date gets closer and closer, I will focus on a Mango version from now on. That means that this update should be the last one that will be supported by NoDo.

but in the meantime… get the app and enjoy your music !