Jan 28 2012

Open Syno Gets Mangoed

Good news everyone,

After quite a lot of work and hearing an amazing amount of your feedbacks, seesharp.ch is proud to release the new version of open syno. It is now supporting playback music, has a few UI improvements, a small integration of last.fm, ( no scrobbler yet, but it is planned) and quite a lot of bug fixes. This update involved a complete rewrite of how the tracks are rendered, and should therefore avoid a few very frustrating app crash.

We hope you will enjoy this release, and keep us posted if something’s wrong or if you want to have new features regarding Audio Station’s support on Open Syno.

The app will be available for download shortly at this address


Sep 4 2011

Open Syno Loves Resharper !

Great news.

Open Syno has been granted an Open Source licence for ReSharper

To the developers out there, just know that this is the best tool money can buy (for commercial projects) and the best is that the guys at jetbrains kindly offer some Open Source licences to support the Open Source community !

Way to go, Jetbrains !

If you’re a dev, download the 30 days trial and don’t forget apply to their Open Source licneces programm if you’re working on an Open Source project 🙂


Aug 21 2011

Open Syno with https : need a little help, please :)

Hi there,

Following a quite a lot of requests from the community, we’ve decided to implement https support for ssl-encrypted connection to the Synology server.

Unfortunately, as it has been pointed out here, self-signed certificates don’t work out of the box on windows phone 7. Furthermore, the trusted certicicate authorities are not the same on windows phone 7 as on windows.

A list of the trusted Certificate Authorities can be found there.

If you happen to have your synology server set-up to use a certificate issued by such Certificate Authority, please let me know so I can test my code against it.

Note : manually installing a certificate authority for startssl doesn’t seem to work for an app, but it does work in a browser. That’s why I need to test https support with a legit Certificate Authority which is supported by default on Windows Phone 7.

Thanks in advance for those of you ho will step up 🙂

Jul 12 2011

Open Syno : All apologies

Hi there,

First of all, the first two weeks of Open Syno have been very successful. Far more than expected to say the least. in the first week of its public availability, Open Syno has been installed on more than 300 phones, and that is really awesome. What is even more awesome, is that we also have received an amazing number of feedbacks from the community.

Among those feedbacks, some users had troubles decoding the audio properly, reporting glitches in the playback. We’ve found and fixed the problem : the reason was we didn’t bundle the right version of a third party dll : Managed Media Helpers.

So, now that it’s fixed, we are just waiting for Microsoft to finish the certification for the updated version.

We are deeply sorry for what happened, and we are looking forward to hear from you if the fix worked as expected for you. To make your voice heard, don’t hesitate to comment to this blog post !

The applied fix focuses on Wireless connectivity and 3G connection might not work perfectly yet, but we are working on it Winking smile

As usual, just a reminder : you can find us on github and on idea informer to post your issues and your ideas.